29 July 2010

DIY: Magnetic Bottle Cap Calendar

lately i've been working on this calendar made from recycled bottle caps for my sister's birthday.  it will be perfect for her mini-fridge when she goes to school.  the calendar includes 31 days, 12 months, 7 weekdays, 6 holidays, and 3 birthday magnets.  but to personalize her calendar a little more i made a few extra magnets: EXAM, ASSIGNMENT DUE, GARBAGE DAY, a beach day umbrella, and a little cosmopolitan glass to mark a night out.  the calendar takes a few days, a steady hand, and patience to make, but the end result is gratifying and useful!  here's how you can make one too...

26 July 2010

Thrift Store Finds: Steamer Trunk

when we moved into our rental house the neighbourhood seemed boring. everywhere worth going was at least a half hour walk away...or so i thought until we discovered the nearby thrift store.  since that then, every few days we take a trip to see what treasures can be found and the house is slowly filling up (literally) with vintage and second-hand goodies.  i don't think i buy anything new anymore and i for sure never pay full price if it is new.  some people call it cheap, i call it an adventure.  the pieces you end up with have so much more character and are completely unique. on to my most recent find, the other day we were shopping at our thrift store and i found a wonderful old steamer trunk.

23 July 2010

Work In Progress: Pressing & Drying Flowers

when i was about 8 or 9, a friend of mine gave me one of the best birthday presents ever... a homemade flower press and some blank cards and envelopes. i used up all the cards a long time ago, but the press is probably one of the only birthday present from when i was little that i still use regularly. i think a flower press is a great tool for anyone who loves to create all things handmade, plus they are simple and relatively cheap to make. in fact, you can even put a few flowers between the pages of a phone book, but if your interested in making a flower press here are a few tutorials i found:

15 July 2010

In Love With: Terrariums

i love house plants and have many, that must be why i love terrariums so much!! i really want to make one for myself and have been looking through several tutorials for ideas and tips. i'm learning they can be any size from huge to teeny tiny, you can use basically any kind of container from vases to jars, and you can fill them with bits and pieces from your backyard. i have several antique jars with glass lids that have been collecting dust and an extensive little glass bottle collection, so sometime before the summer is over i'm aiming to make at least one terrarium. if they grow successfully, i think they would make great gifts for friends and family…act surprised if you get one :)

my inspirations pictured above:
katy elliott's tutorial on how to make a terrarium
a family project by two straight lines
found terrarium tutorial on design*sponge
beautiful kid's terrariums at cookie magazine

14 July 2010

Handmade Instant Gratification: Crochet Mice

sometimes i'm in the mood to make something, but i'm also in a lazy mood and want a finished project in a small amount of time, so i like instant gratification ideas. i also like that these types of quick projects keep your basic creating skills sharp. the other day my kitten ripped apart her toy mouse and i found these cute crochet mice at Mollie's Blog Stuff. the tutorial is really easy to follow and my cats love them. i actually made 3 but couldn't find the 3rd because the cats hid it.


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