06 February 2011

DIY: Pompom Projects

the pop couture
Over the last little while I've been seeing spots, actually pompoms, everywhere! I especially love the above chandelier.  There are soo many great ideas that people have come up with on how to use theses fuzzy gems.  I've made pompoms for Norm & Meeka for a while, because Meeka, the kitten, loves to play fetch with them.  Yes she fetches & she's good at it!  With all the great ideas out there, now I feel compelled to give pompoms a new use!  After some inspirational ideas, I'll show you how to easily make your own pompoms.

03 February 2011

Bring the Outside In: Colouring Spring

Simply Seductive
The other day, actually Groundhog Day,  we got some good news!  An early spring!! I like winter & snow BUT it has worn out its welcome in my opinion.  Months of winter weather can definitely bring on the blahs & although the snow is still on the ground, there is no reason why we can't liven up inside with spring colour.  Here are some of my favourite items to do just that:

02 February 2011

In Love With: Leaning Artwork

Pottery Barn
I change my mind a lot when it comes to wall hangings! I'll have an idea for an art arrangement in my head, get the nails, a level, hammer etc, set everything up, make ONE hole in the wall & decide I don't like the arrangement anymore.  One hole is not really a big deal, but its frustrating, especially when you had to use one of those stupid drywall anchors, and you're left with a eye sore of a plastic dot right in the middle of your wall.  (PS does anyone know how to get those out??)  Anyway, leaning & layering is a great alternative to hanging artwork & also a great alternative when you're renting & don't want to put holes all over your landlord's walls.  Here are a few inspirational leaning & layering art displays.


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