27 August 2010

Would You Believe It's A DIY?

To me, the best DIY's are the ones that look like they cost a fortune, but you actually made it in your dining room last weekend.  I love a good project! Here are a few of my favourite DIY's floating around, and you won't believe they were all handmade projects.  You'll definitely long for your tool box as you read through these...

24 August 2010

In Love With: Trays

I've been searching on my favourite blogs and decorating sites for ways to keep clutter contained and organized.  I love bins and baskets because you can litterally throw stuff in them in no particular order, then put the bin on a shelf and no one sees your clutter and your shelves and storage spaces look organized and tidy.  For the kitchen, I love the junk draw that hides all my funny shaped and odd sized kitchen utensils and tools.  Now I'm loving trays, not only for serving, but for a way to organized clutter and display decorative items, while still allowing easy clean-up when extra surface space is needed. 

17 August 2010

DIY: Fresh Mint Bouquet

In our front garden, I use the word 'garden' loosely because it is mostly mint and weeds but anyway, the mint was very over grown so I went out and did a major trim. I gathered up some empty vintage jars from my collection and an old tin, and I put together some fresh, fragrant mint arrangements for around the house.

16 August 2010

DIY: Handmade Ideabook/Notebook

I like to carry around some sort of note pad or book with me to write down ideas, draw pictures of brainstorms, glue in magazine clippings, or just jot down things I like while I'm out and about.  I have several different 'ideabooks', as I call them, scattered around the house, but I always have one in my bag (except when I take it out to remind myself of the idea and forget to return it to my bag). I usually make my own books because I either can't find the size of book I like, or the books in stores have ugly paper, and I hate it when notebooks only have lined paper in them, it makes me feel like I can't draw pictures, weird I know, don't ask.

09 August 2010

Work In Progress: Crochet Throw

Ok, I realize that many of us are experiencing a hot, sticky, humid summer and the thought of blankets and throws are the last thing on our minds...BUT I've been working on this collage type throw over several months.  It is my 'I'm bored so I'll make something easy and eventually it will come together' project.
The above pieces are a few items I've made so far that will be combined to make my colourful throw, but what is it supposed to look like, you ask...

06 August 2010

In Love With: Vintage & Vintage Inspired Labels

I love all things vintage, but today I'm limiting the topic to vintage labels.  A few months ago at a thrift store I found these babies for $4.99.  The tin holds 24 Vintage Poster Labels with adhesive backs!!  They are colourful and vibrant, plus I'm glad they have a more mate finish than a glossy one, they just feel and look more authentic that way!  I know they are not truly vintage (it says printed in 2004 on the tin) but I think the images are authentic!

Handmade Instant Gratification: Plushie Pincushions

A few years ago I attempted sewing.  I tried to make my own bags, and even a denim skirt (which never quite got finished).  I think, however, I spent more time yelling at the sewing machine than anything else, but I had lots of practice ripping seams and re-threading the machine...then I gave up for a while.  Last summer I began sewing again when my boyfriend's mom gave me her old Bernina 830.  I'm very grateful to have it!  It's an oldie but a goodie, and has a ton of different stitch options I haven't even tried yet!
I am still very, very much at a beginner level, but I'm actually starting to enjoy sewing.  I especially like re-using clothes and fabric I find at thrift stores, in fact, I'm currently working on two summer dresses: one made out of a purple jersey knit floor-length skirt which I will post when I'm satisfied with it...could be a while :) and another from a queen size butter yellow sheet with fantastic embroidered detail along the edge (again will post when I'm finished, and I may even attempt a tutorial).
Anyway, usually while I'm sewing I just put my pins on the table because I'm trying to keep my attention focused on the moving needle so I don't sew my fingers to my fabric...there have been a few too many close calls.  The problem is, my sneaky cats like to sit on the table and eye up the pins and I'm always afraid they'll steal one when I'm not looking, therefore I finally made a pincushion!


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