30 November 2010

Holiday Spirit: Free Holiday Printables

The beginning of December is finally here and some of the more organized  people I know are starting their holiday wrapping.  Some of us, however, still have to start shopping or we're waiting for online purchases to be delivered. This season can be stressful and expensive, no matter how much you try to avoid it, prevent it, or organize it, so to make things a little easier here are a couple of my favourite free holiday printables made by some very creative people!

28 November 2010

Holiday Spirit: DIY Paper Village

 A staple decoration at both my mom's and my grandma's house for the holidays is the Christmas village.  My sister and I were always in charge of setting it up, making sure all the houses were lit and the trees would stand up.  Of course now that I'm living away from home, I needed my own holiday village...so I made it and you can too.  I came across the idea of using paper on Country Home, where the also supplied the basic building templates.

24 November 2010

DIY: Mossy Terrariums

The cold winter weather has set in and they are even calling for flurries tonight.  What better time to make a mossy terrarium.  I did a post on my love of terrariums a few weeks ago, and have since longed to make one.  There are a few people on my Christmas list who love to take care of a garden, so I'm giving them a little piece of green to keep them company.  On a nature walk by the river a few days ago, we finally found an abundant supply of moss!!  My boyfriend scooped up a bunch and we searched the house for glass containers.  Terrariums are sooo super easy to make, give it a try and you too can enjoy some greenery while everything outside is a winter wonderland!

22 November 2010

Handmade Wall Art

I am super cheap/broke while in school, but our walls are so bare.  I wanted to add some texture and colour, so I made this piece of wall art last summer and I'm still very much in love with it.

20 November 2010

Unbelievable DIY's

We'll be moving out of our place soon (actually a few months, but I'm sooo excited) and I'm all over blogs and design websites getting ideas of what we can do with the next place to make it more our own.  There is literally endless inspiration, check out these unbelievable DIY's:

09 November 2010

Holiday Spirit: Gifted Magazine

This e-magazine, Gifted by Creature Comforts, was discussed a few days ago on one of my favourite blogs, Chez Larsson, but I hadn't had time to take a look...until now.  I'm advising you to make time to check out this fantastic magazine filled with holiday DIY's, affordable gift ideas, decorating ideas, gift wrapping ideas, and much much more!  And its FREE!! Because of this amazing magazine I've added a ton of projects to my Christmas todo list, I've got great ideas for friends and family, and my wishlist grew!  Also take a look at the website for even more great ideas and tips.

Where do YOU get your gift ideas?

04 November 2010

In Love With: Chairs

Not only are chairs a great to have around the house to make room for extra guests, but I think that chairs are also a great way to inject your personality into a space. I've collected the following few images from Apartment Therapy posts over the last little while because I love chairs and Apartment Therapy does fantastic house tours, so there is a ton of opportunity for inspiration.

01 November 2010

In Love With: Branches

Wall Decor - Ayos: Living ReArrangements

I've said in a few posts that I like bringing the outside in for decor.  Today I was looking out the window and at the cherry tree in our back yard admiring the intricate branches. I love the organic look of bare branches, so I did some exploring and I've put together a collection of my favourite ways people have decorated with branches:


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