14 November 2012

A Coupon for Coconut Oil

Remember when I posted about loving coconut oil?!?! Well I ordered a 29oz tube of Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil from Vitacost.com for just under $12 including shipping.  WHAT?!?! Yup, and I want to share with you.  Through their referral program you go to THIS LINK and get $10 off your first purchase of $30 or more! When you use THIS LINK I also get $10 off my next purchase.  I scratch your back, you scratch mine! WIN WIN!

There are tons of products to choose from on that site, vitamins, essential oils, natural personal care products etc.  I'm already making a shopping list for potential holiday gifts!  Plus when your products arrive you'll get your own referral info to pass along to family and friends to share more savings.  Check it out!

*I am in no way affiliated with Vitacost, I just wanted to share the wealth.  With the holidays around the corner everyone loves to get a little more bang for their buck!

12 November 2012

Obsessed: House Plants

With the weather getting cold we’re lighting the fireplaces and cozy-ing the bed, but I just can’t part with the impending loss of greenery that the snow will bring.  All year round we keep plants in the house, but it is especially important to me during the winter months.  We have quite a growing (see what I did there) collection of cacti, succulents, a fern and a spider plant, and tons of jade plants we’re rooting.  We actually found the jade plants on the side of the road, the owner said the limbs were cut from a plant over 20 years old! I so hope they live when we replant them!  There are many sources of inspiration and information about house plants all over the web, it got me a little obsessed with wanting a bigger collection

06 November 2012

Natural Me: Flax Gel

Flax Gel 2 So my hair is naturally wavy.  Actually that’s being kind, it’s more frizzy than wavy and after years of having perms, then straightening, and then coming to the realization that my hair hates me, I’m taking a new route.  I’ve been reading around the web about the Curly Girl Method.  Basically you stop using any hair products containing sulfates and silicones.  Big surprise, a variation of those 2 ingredients are in pretty much everything on the store shelves.  BUT why should these be avoided?

05 November 2012

Obsessed: Layered Rugs

I have to say, in the warmer months I HATE AREA RUGS!  Everybody is shedding and dirt and dust are constantly being tracked through the house.  Area rugs just catch the furry tumble weeds around here.  Now that that’s off my chest, I can confess that in the fall and winter…I love them!  Area rugs, not furry tumble weeds.  I never love those.  I’m especially obsessed with the idea of layering rugs.  Not only is it cost effective, but it adds coziness and texture to sometimes boring, bare floors.


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