31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

From the princess, the hipster, and the detective:

Nellie Halloween Meeka Halloween Norm Halloween

I wish they’d actually let me dress them up :(

29 October 2012

Obsessed: Fireplaces

Its coming.  The cold.  And there is nothing we can do about it. This type of weather gets me thinking warm thoughts.  And if you’re in hurricane Sandy’s path, warm and cozy is exactly what you need (in addition to hurricane preparation stuff duh). Remember long ago when the cold made me think of warm, cozy beds? Now I’m pining over fireplaces:

24 October 2012

Natural Me: Coconut Oil

The Seattle Times

*update: I ordered some extra virgin organic coconut oil with a $10 off coupon (with purchase of $30 or more) and I want to share the coupon with you! Check out this post or this link to get your coupon! 
I’ve had problem skin since before high school and I’ve actually been recognized in public by my course, wiry, frizzy, curly in some parts but mostly wavy hair.  True story. Maybe it was because I’ve always been cheap, or I was too young to buy a ton of expensive products, but I used to love making homemade masks and hair treatments.  Either because I didn’t see instant results, or I got my first job and could buy gimmicky drugstore brands, I veered away from those natural concoctions.  But the urges are back.  Wait, no, that didn’t sound right.  What I meant was that I want to go back to experimenting with homemade beauty recipes.


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