30 September 2010

Soup's On: Cream of Carrot Soup

Let me just say, I am in no way a cook.  I actually don't like cooking very much, baking is more my thing, but I do like to (try to) make soup.  Both my grandmas made unforgettable soups and no matter how closely you follow the recipe, they never seem to taste the same, but there is nothing better than warm soup on a cool fall day.  I can easily think of 10 reasons why you should make your own soup:

29 September 2010

In Love With: Vintage Wooden Crates

So, fall is finally here and the heat wave has subsided, here at least. I think autumn is my favourite season. The leaves are changing, you can actually open the windows to let in some crisp fresh air, and you can start bringing the outdoors in to add new decor elements to your space.   A great way to cozy up the house and add nature inspired elements is to add some wood...so for today's post wooden crates! The crate above may look dirty and hopeless, but there are so many creative ways to use crates.  Here are a few ideas...

01 September 2010

Thrift Store Finds: Wooden Bowl

Have I mentioned I love thrift store shopping!  I actually found this bowl a few years ago at our regular thrift store for...$3.99!!  It's solid and beautiful, I love that it is something I can keep forever and will never go out of style.


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