23 December 2010

Holiday Spirit: Gift Tags & Paper Snowflakes Pt 2

So I finally figured out what to do with my paper snowflakes from an earlier post!  I've added them to all my holiday wrapping along with some gift tags I made and some yarn left over from another project. 

20 December 2010

Holiday Spirit: Cranberry Orange Shortbread

Another day of holiday baking, another kind of cookie!  I'm not a huge fan of plain shortbread cookies, so I made some Cranberry Orange Shortbread from the wonderful cookbook Anyone Can Cook by Better Homes and Gardens.  You can also find the recipe online here

17 December 2010

In Love With: Antique Suitcases


I try to be organized, but can't seem to keep up with mine and my boyfriends growing collection of things.  I'm always looking for different ways to add creative storage that not only holds a lot of my junk but also hides it from visitors.  I inherited an antique suitcase which currently holds my knitting supplies, but I'd really love to pull it out of the basement and put it to everyday use!  I rounded up a few different ideas on suitcase storage and I learned I'm going to need more suitcases!

14 December 2010

Holiday Spirit: Paper Snowflake Pt 1

I used to love making paper snowflakes when I was little.  Surprisingly I haven't tried it in a while, but the other day, while trying to think of more ways to decorate our place, I gave it another shot.

13 December 2010

Holiday Spirit: Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies

A few years ago I started making cookie care packages for my family for Christmas.  I usually do 4 or 5 different kinds of cookies for each and I've finally begun the baking for this year!!  To start, I made Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies a la Martha Stewart.

09 December 2010

Holiday Spirit: A Gift of Food & Drink

I really enjoy baking, kind of like cooking, and used to be a bartender soooo love making drinks.  If you have anyone on your holiday list who also enjoys any of the above, these gift ideas would be perfect for them to try out some new recipes!

07 December 2010

DIY Paper Wreath

I've been hearing a lot about vintage book wreaths lately, and as you know from my paper village and my wall art, I LOVE working with paper.  I found this really simple and easy wreath tutorial at Living with Lindsay so few nights ago after class I pulled out the glue gun and made one for our front door.  Here is my process in pictures...

06 December 2010

In Love With: Cozy Beds

As the temperatures dip, I love getting into my cozy bed at night time.  Curling up with a book and a cat and I can always keep warm.  A great way to get your house and self prepared for the winter is changing up your bedding.  There is nothing like having a rough sleep and being cold, not a good way to start your day! 

Here are some inspirational beds that look warm, cozy and ready for winter!


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