09 December 2010

Holiday Spirit: A Gift of Food & Drink

I really enjoy baking, kind of like cooking, and used to be a bartender soooo love making drinks.  If you have anyone on your holiday list who also enjoys any of the above, these gift ideas would be perfect for them to try out some new recipes!

*also includes the printable label*

*there are even more recipes on Steven & Chris*

*there are quite a few mixer ideas on Martha's site, check it out*
It would be so great to add a cookie cutter or some measuring spoons tied with a ribbon around the jar or bottles.  Don't forget to tell the recipient what their getting, how long it will last. and of course, the directions!  You can also include a list of the ingredients so that when the recipient wants to enjoy your delicious gift again and again, they can! It's like a gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Very nice, easy too.....you are very good with all your ideas :)

  2. Very good..........you do have great ideas :)

  3. I'm just rounding up other people's creativity :)
    ~thank you~



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