16 January 2011

In Love With: Fabric Wall Paper

As I've said quite a few times in past posts, we're moving in a few months & I'm sooo excited! Literally, I'm already making plans for projects I want to try when we get out of here.  I know for sure that we'll be renting so I'm especially scouting ideas that are temporary, but more importantly cheap & amazing!
Obviously paint is probably the most thrifty option for a big impact, but I've been doing some research & making fabric wallpaper seems like a fun/frustrating, but rewarding weekend project with mega return!  At Rental Digest there is a great tutorial on how to actually create wallpaper using fabric & liquid starch.  I've also read that you can use spray starch which you simply strayed on the wall, after cleaning the wall of course, then lay the fabric on top.  That seems like a much less messy option, but don't forget to pre-wash the fabric to prevent bleeding. So now that I'm in love, I'm looking for affordable fabrics...

All of the above fabrics are from Ikea & range in price from $2.99/meter to $6.99/meter CND, but you can find wonderfully bold fabrics all over the place, especially etsy! I feel like the possibilities are literally endless with this option. 

I like the classic black, white, and gray combos above, but any colour scheme in any pattern could work for any room! I'd love to do an accent wall in a living room or the headboard wall in a bedroom, then pick colours from the fabric to add elements to the rest of the room.  I'd probably stay away from bathrooms or kitchen back splashes, any where that water or moisture could come into contact with the fabric seeing as water is the method used to take the fabric down.

Not only is this a great option for renter, but if you're someone who changes your mind & your style often, you could easily change the fabric with the seasons, just peel it off! What a way to take a boring room to a new level of style!

Could YOU see yourself taking on this type of project?


  1. Beautiful inspiration room, your posts are always so creative, keep up the great work.

  2. Well i have never heard of a material wall before, sounds easy and would look beautiful!! You do have a great blog, I look forward to every new post :)



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