29 April 2012

Garden Update: Week 2

Here is a little update on the progress of our seedlings:

P1000076 P1000069
Peas, some sad Spinach, & Cucumbers

P1000071 P1000070
Arugula, Loose Leaf Lettuce, & Baby Leaf Lettuce,  

P1000073 P1000072
Broccoli, Leeks, Paste Tomatoes, Orange Peppers, & JalapeƱo Peppers
(both peppers are only starting to peek out now)

 P1000074 P1000075
2 pots of Bush Beans

Admittedly there are a couple plants (broccoli, the 1 giant bean plant, the peppers, and spinach) that I’m not feeling too confident about because they are either spindly or sad :(  However, overall it only being 2 weeks into our project of the century we feel pretty good about what’s happening so far.  We have since set up a fan a few feet from the table top to gently blow over the little sprouts and encourage them to grow stronger.  Next step, get the lettuces, arugula and spinach into the ground, they are cooler weather crops, and transplant and separate the others to larger pots when true leaves (their second set of leaves) appear.

For those little guys that have yet to really get going, I think I’ll wait and see if they progress in the next week.  If nothing has happened, I’ll replant some seeds and start over.

Once again we are novice gardeners who’ve nerdily done research on gardening, but would love to hear YOUR thoughts and suggestions!

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  1. OK, I guess a few weeks have passed since this post......SOOOO how does your garden grow ???



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