04 July 2013

Open for Business: Things For People

Finally, I’ve taken the leap and opened an Etsy store!  I’ve been reading up on advertising and copy writing, drawing up designs and ordering supplies!  I’m so excited, but a little scared, to finally open my store and get my creations out there. 

It all started while doodling some continuous line drawings of feathers.  Then as an experiment, I took some old wire and turned those drawings into a wire feather.  When a long distance friend and I were showing each other what we had been creating lately, she suggested using silver to make my feathers into jewellery. 
After much deliberation, research, blood, sweat, and almost poking out my eye with wire, I’ve got some necklaces and bracelets for sale.  Head over to thingsforpeople.etsy.com to check them all out and let me know what you think!

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