06 August 2010

Handmade Instant Gratification: Plushie Pincushions

A few years ago I attempted sewing.  I tried to make my own bags, and even a denim skirt (which never quite got finished).  I think, however, I spent more time yelling at the sewing machine than anything else, but I had lots of practice ripping seams and re-threading the machine...then I gave up for a while.  Last summer I began sewing again when my boyfriend's mom gave me her old Bernina 830.  I'm very grateful to have it!  It's an oldie but a goodie, and has a ton of different stitch options I haven't even tried yet!
I am still very, very much at a beginner level, but I'm actually starting to enjoy sewing.  I especially like re-using clothes and fabric I find at thrift stores, in fact, I'm currently working on two summer dresses: one made out of a purple jersey knit floor-length skirt which I will post when I'm satisfied with it...could be a while :) and another from a queen size butter yellow sheet with fantastic embroidered detail along the edge (again will post when I'm finished, and I may even attempt a tutorial).
Anyway, usually while I'm sewing I just put my pins on the table because I'm trying to keep my attention focused on the moving needle so I don't sew my fingers to my fabric...there have been a few too many close calls.  The problem is, my sneaky cats like to sit on the table and eye up the pins and I'm always afraid they'll steal one when I'm not looking, therefore I finally made a pincushion!

The pattern I used is by Heather Bailey and it is super easy to follow and you end up with a super cute plushie pincushion which she named Square Deal.  Go here for the pdf.  It took me forever to find a pattern I liked, I must have looked at over 30, but her square design caught my eye.  Every time I make something, no matter how simple or small, I try to use it as a learning experience and this little square pincushion pattern taught me how to make perfect square corners.  I was thinking I could attempt to modify the pattern to make cube pincushions and one day I might even try to make box pillows or throw pillows using the same techniques to liven up our furniture, it's difficult to make a peach leather hand-me-down couch look stylish (but we still appreciate having it, thanks mom and dad!)
Here are some of the other pincushion patterns/tutorials I found...

Patchwork Pincushion Tutorial

Tin Can Pincushion

Some other cute ones to check out are:
Stickin' it to the pincushion
Dress Form Pincushion
Basic Bottle Cap Pincushion
Happy sewing and pinning!!

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  1. Hey are they ever cute!!! and it looks fairly easy to do, keep up the good work!! They would make nice presents too :)



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