06 August 2010

In Love With: Vintage & Vintage Inspired Labels

I love all things vintage, but today I'm limiting the topic to vintage labels.  A few months ago at a thrift store I found these babies for $4.99.  The tin holds 24 Vintage Poster Labels with adhesive backs!!  They are colourful and vibrant, plus I'm glad they have a more mate finish than a glossy one, they just feel and look more authentic that way!  I know they are not truly vintage (it says printed in 2004 on the tin) but I think the images are authentic!

I can't wait to use them, I just don't know what to use them for.
 I'm already kicking myself for punching a series of holes in a few of them to add them too a handmade notebook I was working on. The notebook was a collection of recycled papers, but the poster labels just didn't have the same feel as the notebook.  It's upsetting really, but I guess no one is enjoying the labels, if they're always tucked away in the tin.

Anyway, I love the way old labels looks, so I've been looking around for some printable labels and stickers. I want to use them for gift tags and to organize some jars in the kitchen.
By far my favourite go-to site for graphic in general is Graphics Fairy.  Every time I visit it I end up spending hours, literally, looking at all the great stuff!! Check it out, that's an order! Here is just a taste of what you'll find: (I especially love the round ones...)

Here are some other great sites for free printable vintage inspired labels:
D.I.Y. Vintage Apothecary Bottles
Vintage Handcrafted Product Labels - these ones can be personalized!! Great for handmade gifts, personalizing decor at weddings and parties
Apothecary Label Hand Towels: Free Digital Downloads
Cheese Crafts: Free Digital Label Images - she shows lots of ideas for how to use these cute cheese labels too

Please feel free to share your favourite graphics sites :)

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  1. Wow those are so cool, and the colors are awesome. What a great find!! Look forward to more.... :)



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