24 August 2010

In Love With: Trays

I've been searching on my favourite blogs and decorating sites for ways to keep clutter contained and organized.  I love bins and baskets because you can litterally throw stuff in them in no particular order, then put the bin on a shelf and no one sees your clutter and your shelves and storage spaces look organized and tidy.  For the kitchen, I love the junk draw that hides all my funny shaped and odd sized kitchen utensils and tools.  Now I'm loving trays, not only for serving, but for a way to organized clutter and display decorative items, while still allowing easy clean-up when extra surface space is needed. 

Trays come in a variety of materials and styles and they are so versitile that they can suit anybody's decor and style.  Here are a few of inspirational uses of trays I found...


More ways to use trays:
- organize jewelry in a tray by using bowls and little containers to to keep track of pieces
- contain messes by the kitchen sink by putting dish soap bottle and maybe some hand cream or your dish washing sponge on a narrow tray by the faucet
- display face cloths and beautifully packaged products on a tray in the bathroom
- group plants together on a shelf or table
- re-purpose a tray as a lap desk for your computer or paperwork
- or contane papers on your desk or work area

I just picked up a cheap wooden tray at a thrift store and when I've decided how I want to refinish it, I'll be sure to share.  My next purchase...a silver tray!!  What are some of YOUR methods for organizing clutter?


  1. Brittany your blog looks pretty well put together. I love DIY ideas and suggestions. Clean and simple not cluttered. Keep blogging.

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback, it's a real confidence boost!!

  3. Hi, i really like the trays. And your site, easy instructions, step by step, colorful pictures. And interesting ideas. I will keep watching for MORE :)

  4. Wow. I suddenly want to go out and get some trays! :-D

    -French Bean



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