07 October 2010

Soup's On: Cream of Cauliflower Soup & Cheese Biscuits

I said last week that I'm not a cook, but there something about soup making that has made me addicted. So now that I'm on a soup making binge...today it's Cream of Cauliflower Soup and cheese biscuits.

I found both of the recipes online, the soup at Suite101 and the biscuits at CBC's Best Recipes Ever

After pureeing I poured the soup back into the pot and heat thoroughly before eating, but while my soup was cooling so it could be pureed, I made the cheese biscuits.  I'm a dipper, I always need something to dip in my soup, bread, crackers, bread sticks...whatever! These Quick Cheese Biscuits are so easy and took like 20 minutes to prepare and bake.  I love the Best Recipes Ever because the recipes and ingredients used are always simple enough for me, a non cook, to try, so far they've always turned out edible!

I freeze the biscuits by wrapping them individually in cling wrap and putting a few in a freezer bag, then they're not stuck together in a clump when I only want one or two. I heard somewhere that soup can be frozen flat in freezer bags, I think I'm going to give that a try since I seem to be making soups faster than we can eat them.   How do YOU freeze soups, any advice?


  1. Looks good. I will try those biscuits, but cauliflower and i dont agree lol.
    I have had good luck freezing soup in sandwich bags after it has cooled! I also use containers from empty cottage cheese or anything about that size and recyle them after a few uses.
    Keep up the god work i really like your blog :)

  2. I love cauliflower with cheese ut don't know if I can slurp it. The cheese biscuits look yummy though. I actually by frozen cheese biscuits from Schwanns delivery not bad. But nothing beats homemade.

  3. The cheese biscuits are super quick and easy to make, give it a shot!



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