01 November 2010

In Love With: Branches

Wall Decor - Ayos: Living ReArrangements

I've said in a few posts that I like bringing the outside in for decor.  Today I was looking out the window and at the cherry tree in our back yard admiring the intricate branches. I love the organic look of bare branches, so I did some exploring and I've put together a collection of my favourite ways people have decorated with branches:

Wedding center pieces - CT Green Scene

Fall decor - Canadian House and Home

Fall decor - Canadian House and Home

Fall decor - Canadian House and Home

Photography display - A Branch of Treasures by Terramia

DIY branch table - Style Files

Drift Wood Coat Rack - Room Remix

Branch Wall Sticker - Rockett St George

me melodia - Clothing Rack

Some of these ideas are so simple how could you NOT pick up a few branches on your way home.  Make sure, of course, to inspect the branches and give them a good shake outside to ensure you're not bringing unwanted guests in to the house!  I've actually seen quite a few decorating sites and bloggers do posts on branches, so there are tons of ideas on how to incorporate the outside into your home.  These are just a few of my favourites, but follow the links for the photos above and you'll find even more creative ideas!

How would YOU incorporate branches or outside elements into your home?


  1. I am a huge fan of bringing the outside in! I love these photos! I have a little piece of Earth in every room! The first image with twigs is amazing and I want to try the driftwood coat rack for our mudroom!

    I'm still in the middle of decorating our place and we've been there since July 1st - I should ask you for assistance! great photos!

  2. Oh to answer your question - I love the new fave with twigs in a large glass vase - I have them in our mudroom. I also like stones around large candles and tying twigs with gorgeous ribbon for table side accents! :)

  3. I really like the driftwood coat rack too! You have a great knowledge of how simple things we see every day can be incorperated
    into useful, charming and beautiful :) great stuff!!!



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