22 November 2010

Handmade Wall Art

I am super cheap/broke while in school, but our walls are so bare.  I wanted to add some texture and colour, so I made this piece of wall art last summer and I'm still very much in love with it.


It took several days to make and I am working on a tutorial, but it is difficult because I didn't take pictures during the process (way before endlessly inspired).  It is basically a series of rolled up paper tubes from an Ikea catalog (don't worry I waited until the new one came before using the old one, it's a sad day when you are bored and you don't have an Ikea catalog on hand).  Anyway the tubes are then tied to wire rings for structure.  If you notice a larger than normal space in one section of the piece, it's because one of my cats enjoys playing with the tubes and she pulled one out before I caught the bugger!

I would have like to hang it lower, but the cats like it too much.  We still have empty spaces on the walls, so I've been looking around for other pieces that I can make on the cheap to fill the house.

What are YOUR favourite pieces of art around your home??


  1. Now that is a great idea, unique ,colorful and a looks great ! And its easy to make and I am sure it gets a lot of compliments. My fav in my home are 2 prints of trees, I bought fairly reasonable and had them framed. I would like to change the frames as they are quite old.....but do not have a clue as to what kind of frame to change too...would you have any ideas?? they are about 16"x20" colors are dark with browns..any ideas you have would be appreciated !! Thanks :)

  2. I like the classic black frames with white mats and best part is you can probably just spray paint the frames you already have!!



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