04 November 2010

In Love With: Chairs

Not only are chairs a great to have around the house to make room for extra guests, but I think that chairs are also a great way to inject your personality into a space. I've collected the following few images from Apartment Therapy posts over the last little while because I love chairs and Apartment Therapy does fantastic house tours, so there is a ton of opportunity for inspiration.

I've seen many unique and interesting chairs on the side of the road being tossed even though they're perfectly good.  Another great place to find cheap chairs...thrift stores (my favourite!).  When we first moved away to school, I went to a garage sale with my mom and we found a great black faux leather club chair for $20, and my mom bargained the seller down to $10!! It was a great chair, until the cats got a hold of the arms and scratched them up and the seat tore.  I'd hate to give it up, so I'm  looking into making a slip cover! Not to sure what look I'm going for with the slip cover yet, but I'll share when I get some ideas together!

Have YOU ever found a fantastic piece of furniture at a yard sale or on the side of the road, share it...

1 comment:

  1. No i haven't sad to say, as i don't drive :( so i never get to yard sales, but one day i hope to make it to a few!!



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