17 December 2010

In Love With: Antique Suitcases


I try to be organized, but can't seem to keep up with mine and my boyfriends growing collection of things.  I'm always looking for different ways to add creative storage that not only holds a lot of my junk but also hides it from visitors.  I inherited an antique suitcase which currently holds my knitting supplies, but I'd really love to pull it out of the basement and put it to everyday use!  I rounded up a few different ideas on suitcase storage and I learned I'm going to need more suitcases!

Getty Images
I don't know what it is about vintage luggage that keeps me interested (e.g. my steamer truck). I think it's the idea of where the luggage has been, or the different kinds of people who once used it.  My favourite re-purpose use has to be the huge stack of suitcases in the hallway.  I would store all my out of season coats, jackets, shoes etc.   I also like the  bedside table idea.  I'd store extra sheets or out of season blankets.  I'll definitely be looking for more during our thrift store shopping excursions!

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  1. Hey now that is a great idea, i will be looking for some too, i have a tiny house and if i stacked them i could store a lot of stuff!!!!! and not take up a lot of room....wow can't wait to start looking...thanks :)



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