25 January 2011

Collections on Display: Books

apartment therapy
Everything is going digital, which is great, but at the same time it makes me kind of sad.  In my opinion, there is nothing like feeling the pages of a good book or stylish magazine between your fingers!  Don't get me wrong, I love looking at digital editions of magazines, I keep several collections of inspiration photos on my computer, and I often opt out of printing off papers for school readings to save a few trees & dollars, BUT sometimes I just want the real thing.  Over here, we collect books, among other things, actually we have more books than space to tell you the truth. I love the thought of entire walls of books complete with library ladder and I feel like a collection of books says a lot about who you are, so here are a few inspirational ways to show yourself & your books off...

Renovation Design Goup
House Beautiful

But wait, you don't have a ton of bookshelves at your disposal? Here are some other creative ways to show off your precious piles...
Real Simple

Rude Cactus
Apartment Therapy
So don't get rid of your books, hold on to all those smelly, dog eared jems & put them on display!
P.S. it is okay to let others enjoy your books too...but to make sure you get them back here some free, printable bookplates care of draw!pilgrim.

Do YOU collect books? How do YOU store/display them?

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  1. Awesome !! I bought some bookshelves from CT a while ago, and have three 6 foot and two 4 foot bookshelves, I LOVE to read and save books, esp hardcover books by my favorite authors!!!! There is nothing like a great book to take you places and get your mind off of everyday stuff !! :)



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