03 February 2011

Bring the Outside In: Colouring Spring

Simply Seductive
The other day, actually Groundhog Day,  we got some good news!  An early spring!! I like winter & snow BUT it has worn out its welcome in my opinion.  Months of winter weather can definitely bring on the blahs & although the snow is still on the ground, there is no reason why we can't liven up inside with spring colour.  Here are some of my favourite items to do just that:

When I think of spring, I think of pinks, yellows, green (of course) & even some turquoise!  Many of the above items are no longer in stock at Crate and Barrel & Urbanbarn, except for the chest from Grandlin Road, but I think the mix has some great colours & textures that evoke spring time! I especially like the potted grass, it's nice to see a little grass even if is inside & I've noticed that cat grass always seems to be available at the grocery store for cheap.  It's so simple to just grab a cute pot from the dollar store & replant the cat grass. Below are a couple more items that are easy to add to your existing decor & they will definitely bring in some spring:
Tea & Toast Butter Dish
Sunny Side
Farmer's Egg Crate
Better Homes & Gardens
Perennial Mini Colander
Escape Print
It costs basically nothing to grab some spring inspired fabric, even some tea towels, to make a few pillow covers,  Martha Stewart even has instructions to make tea towel pillow pillows. So don't wait for the snow to melt or the flowers buds to appear, grab a fresh bunch of flowers, make some yellow pillows, plant a  pot of cat grass & scout stores for turquoise accessories to brighten up your house!

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  1. SPRING............i can't wait!! You know winter has a lot of dull gray days, sooo depressing. I like to bring home a few flowers, just from the grocery store...to brighten up my place and it makes you feel better too :) Lets all think SPRING ! and put some colors in our lives...



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