02 February 2011

In Love With: Leaning Artwork

Pottery Barn
I change my mind a lot when it comes to wall hangings! I'll have an idea for an art arrangement in my head, get the nails, a level, hammer etc, set everything up, make ONE hole in the wall & decide I don't like the arrangement anymore.  One hole is not really a big deal, but its frustrating, especially when you had to use one of those stupid drywall anchors, and you're left with a eye sore of a plastic dot right in the middle of your wall.  (PS does anyone know how to get those out??)  Anyway, leaning & layering is a great alternative to hanging artwork & also a great alternative when you're renting & don't want to put holes all over your landlord's walls.  Here are a few inspirational leaning & layering art displays.

House & Home
Apartment Therapy
{shells & seaglass}
Real Simple
Leaning & layering is great for temporary display, especially for things a little heavier than black & white calendar photos. I love the look of mixing up the layers with mirrors, paintings, & photos all different sizes & textures all together in one display.  Like I said, I change my mind a lot & this is a simple way to change out pieces in a few seconds rather than a few hours of trying to figure out where to put a new nail.  I think this look is great with one or two pieces, but I love love love the look of several pieces all piled together! 

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  1. Hey I really like the Leaning look !! Good job! I've read a few things about removing them (drywall anchors) and most say tap it in and patch over it!! So the leaning way is a whole lot less work :) When I moved into my new place the walls had a ton of holes in the walls :( and I have been here 2 years now ans haven't put 1 new hole in yet!!!! lol



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