23 May 2011

WE FINALLY MOVED & Antiquinq Part 1

Yay we finally moved into a new place!! It's been a while since I've posted, but it's been super busy! First off, I finally finished school...no more homework/papers/essays/exams!!! Then, we moved to a new town, and I started a new job!  But now I've got tons of ideas floating around in my head of things I want to do to the new place, so I look forward to posting lots of DIYs, before and afters, and of course rooms/projects/decor ideas that inspire me!  But since our house is really just a maze of boxes and we're sleeping in the living room until we can get some painting done, I'll show you some of the great places we're learning about in our new area!

For my birthday the other day, B and I found this great antique store, a new favourite of mine, so I took a bunch of photos, with permission of course, of all the great things I'd love to buy, but can't until we find a place for the things we already have.  I can dream though!

I've seen a couple great projects here, here, and here using vintage rulers.  I even just love them hanging side by side and in the big container.
I also have a bit of an obsession with bottles, especially mini ones.  I actually have a collection which will finally be unboxed in this house as soon as I figure out a cat proof display for them.
Then the linens...there is something about old handmade linens that I love.  The details, the skill.  I'll have to grab a few to make pillow covers or something.
As you already know from this post, I love crates and from this post, I love suitcases! There were so many great ones at this antique store too.  My grandpa also gave me a couple of vintage crates, so look for those in future organizing posts and for my antique suit case to make an appearance!
I took so many photos that my phone died before I could really capture everything that captured my eye, but there will be an antiquing part 2 and part 3 to look forward to in the next few days.  In those I'll show you some vintage kitchen accessories and furniture, etc.

Now that it's the beginning of yard sale season and the weather is getting a little nicer, have any of YOU found anything good lately?

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  1. Yea!!!!! a new one.....i have been waiting patiently.........mabe one day i can visit this new place you found :)



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