04 July 2011

What the Heck!?!

Frazzle Dazzle SuperMom
So it's obvious that I have not been posting regularly since we've moved into our new place.  I had all these post ideas and future projects, but nothing has gone according to plan.  Turns out the neighbours that our house is attached to are crazy, and not quirky/unique crazy...police have had to be called crazy.  At first when we introduced ourselves, they seemed great.  Friendly, kind, and we'd even planned a bbq to get to know them better.  Since then, they have have instigated a couple confrontations, called us names, smeared dog poop on our front porch, and recently the police were called which ended in an incident report because of their uncooperative behaviour.  The officer even told us that our best bet was to move out of there.  We've consulted the landlord tenant board to learn about our rights and options and we've tried to contact the landlord, but he has chosen to not become involved and told us to move on and try to get along with the neighbour again. 

We decided, however, to take the the officer's advice and find a new place to live.  I'm sad that it has come to this because our place is steps from the beach and there is a lake view from the 2nd floor, but the drama continues with the neighbour telling the landlord they want to try to bury the hatchet and then the next day calling bylaw on us to try getting us fined for our new puppy.

So we are now on a house hunt...again.  I'll keep you posted! And yes...we did get a new puppy! Her name is Nellie and she is almost 4 months old.  She is pretty calm with hyper moments, but we're working with her everyday to help her learn.  I've got some dog related project ideas floating around in my head for the new house, so keep and eye out!
Have any of YOU trained a puppy?? Any advice??


  1. WOW sorry your neighbors are Nut Jobs!! :( that totally sucks....but there are crazies everywhere! Hopefully your next place will be much much better :)Fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Hey I am waiting for your next blog.......hope it's soon :)



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