27 September 2011

Can I Unpack Yet?!?

Yay we moved again and are finally rid of those crazy neighbours!! Actually, we moved last month but the process of getting away from those people has been overwhelming and unnerving. For more of a back story check out this post on why we moved twice in just a few months.  On a brighter note, the new house is great with lots of potential, but also needs work to make it ours.

The above floor plan (made on Floorplanner.com) is our living room, front door, hallway to the kitchen, and a spare room (aka my soon to be art studio).  It's hard to tell with these cell phone pictures (the camera was already packed...cut me some slack) but the stained walls and mismatched combo of finished and unfinished trim were in rough shape, so our first order of business...PAINT. Here are some pictures of the process:

The above pictures are of the main entrance and living room areas BEFORE painting and fixing damages from the previous tenants.  We decided to paint all the trim white and the walls an off white called Swiss Coffee.  I wanted something clean, fresh and bright...I'm a little obsessed with light, bright inspiration rooms:
Fresh Home
Fresh Home
Apartment Therapy
Due to budget constraints from the landlord many of the rooms are the same Swiss Coffee colour, which really isn't a big deal because the rooms are now much fresher and cleaner!  I'm actually looking forward to unpacking and organizing and I have lots of ideas for furniture arrangement and art work! We are still kind of stumped on how to arrange everything, especially the the living room...but that's for another post.  I'll keep you posted.  I said post too many times.

What's the first thing YOU unpack when you move? Food, clothes, dishes, the TV...I want to know!

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  1. the BED, make it first, so when the long tireing day is done your bed is all ready for you to pass out !!!



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