24 February 2012

Meet Oscar

DSCF2654Since we’ve had to move so many times in the last year, we have an abundance of cardboard boxes.  And since I’m thrifty cheap I like to use what we already have on hand to make many of my projects.  And so Oscar was born.  Well cut out and assembled.
DSCF2650 I found this tutorial at Instructables.com that walks you through the whole process of planning and making a cardboard animal trophy head.  If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll know about my “Antelope Inspirations” board which I used for ideas on what shape Oscar would be.  The entire bust took me about 3 hours, a couple paper cuts, and 2 angry cats who weren’t aloud to sit among the cardboard boxes.  Now he lives by the front entrance and greets everyone who comes over.  DSCF2656Please excuse my limp aloe plant.  As much as I love love love house plants, they don’t like me.  I’m doing my best to keep it alive, but now suspect it may be suicidal.  Further assessment is necessary.  Please also excuse that nasty lamp shade.  That awesome lamp was going to be thrown out at one of the houses we rented while in school. Of course we kept it, but haven’t had room for it until now.  The only problem is that we didn’t have a lamp shade, so this is the temporary solution until I can figure out what look I’m after.

Have you been working on any cardboard projects lately? or maybe lamp shade projects? or maybe cardboard lamp shade? No wait, don’t do that.  Bad idea.  That would be flammable.

1 comment:

  1. I met Oscar, he is great ! Keep up those vrafty idea's :)



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