21 March 2012

Loving: Old Windows

windows 2When we looked at the house for the first time,  I noticed big old windows in the back yard leaning against the garage.  After we left, instead of thinking about important questions to ask the landlord like the condition of the appliances or the insulation...I was trying to figure out a casual way to inquire about the windows. Here's the gem I came up with:

Me: "What's happening with those windows?

Landlord: "Garbage"

Me: "Oh don’t worry about getting rid of them, I'll take'm"

LL: "Go a head"

Me (internal monologue): Sweeet! Be cool, be cool… “Great thanks”

Not only were these windows free for the taking, but there is a stash in the basement he's letting me have too!!  I’ve been playing around with a few ideas of how to use them.

I was thinking of bringing one in the house, cleaning it up, scraping the paint and repainting the wood, then using it as a white board-ish type surface.  Use dry erase markers on the glass for lists and such.

I'd heard/seen somewhere that there is spray paint that makes glass like a mirror. I did some digging online, got sidetracked by new project ideas and funny pictures, then back on task I found this Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.  So all set to buy it, I did a search for retailers that could ship to my address...NOTHING (something to do with not shipping aerosol cans over the borders). However, several sites kept bringing me to the automotive sections.  Duh moment...I realized there is chrome spray paint for cars that could give the same effect as mirrored paint but for super cheap and available at local stores.   But how can I make an old mirror spray painted with chrome paint look modern and expensive  rather than homemade?

Then I was thinking maybe I don’t want to paint the above giant windows and never be able to get the original glass clean again.  We have some smaller, less unique, 6 and 9 pane white windows stashed in the basement that I could experiment, but I have other plans for the big ones.  Now I’m thinking of keeping the ones in the worst condition outside and lean them against the house as a back drop to our bistro sized table and chairs.  Old windows will look much more stylish than tan siding!!
Now that the weather is nice, I’m out to clean the yard…pictures of the window solution to come…

Do YOU have old windows just waiting to be crafted? How do YOU  use them?

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