09 August 2010

Work In Progress: Crochet Throw

Ok, I realize that many of us are experiencing a hot, sticky, humid summer and the thought of blankets and throws are the last thing on our minds...BUT I've been working on this collage type throw over several months.  It is my 'I'm bored so I'll make something easy and eventually it will come together' project.
The above pieces are a few items I've made so far that will be combined to make my colourful throw, but what is it supposed to look like, you ask...

The inspiration is this:
It was on Anthropologie.com last winter (when I actually began the project), it is no longer available, so you'll have to take my word for it.  I love that it is colourful and vibrant and not your typical granny square crochet throw.  These two pictures are the best look at the inspiration piece that I have, so I'm kind of winging it when it comes to making the throw.  I'm using a mishmash of crochet flower, circle, and square patterns here is a list I've complied so far:

crochet flowers and leaves
Irish rose
flower center circular motif
5-petal flower
crochet marigold
Claudia flower
peek-a-boo flower
crocheted rosette
brilliant crocheted blooms
striped circle
sunflower granny square
slinky crochet flower

I've been modifying and experimenting with some of these patterns as I go along, just to see what I end up with, but I'm keeping the colour scheme similar to the inspiration because I love it so much.  I'm still a beginner when it comes to crochet, so I'm not too sure how I will attach all the flowers and shapes together.  It will be a major trial and error.  I'm aiming to have it finished by this winter,  but sometimes I wonder if it would ever actually get there...we'll see!


  1. i think its going to be a one of a kind throw!!!!
    It will be unique, i like all the different pieces, more exciting than all the same!! Can't wait to see the finished project!! :)

  2. beautiful, Brit, you should email Auntie Barb she would probably know how to attach the squares.



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