30 January 2011

Unbelievable DIY

Here are a couple of amazing, inspirational, & handmade projects!

When it's this cold outside, I like to remind myself of cool summer evenings outside by a fire & YES, the above is a picture of a DIY fireplace!!  It was made during a segment of Steven & Chris, one of the funniest/best decorating/day time talk shows ever! I was a little skeptical at first, but the thorough instructions & the fact that it was featured on a decorating show make me feel like this could be a really neat outdoor summer project?! 

I love this captain's mirror video tutorial from House & Home.  It only takes a little hot glue, a few belts & a round mirror, but it looks so chic & expensive...I love it!

I'm a big fan of bookbinding & handmade books, remember my idea book tutorial, so anytime I find anything book-making-related I automatically love it! I've actually used this tutorial to make a Perfectly Bound Book by Bookhou on Poppytalk for Christmas presents for my mom & dad.  The tutorial was super easy to follow & the end result looked great!!
I CANNOT wait until school is over & can get DIY-ing like mad!

1 comment:

  1. The DIY fireplace looks awesome !! I would really like to try that one !! And maybe I will !! Thanks for sharing it !!



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