17 January 2012

Planning: The Guest Bathroom

Probably the pièce de résistance of the house when we moved in...the Harley Davidson bathroom complete with orange and grey walls, bike diagram boarder, Harley emblem tin plate, and Harely decals affixed to the mirror.  I think it's great that the previous tenants wanted to personalize this bathroom and we want to do the same, but what to do?
I've already started pulling down the wall paper and we have the primer all ready to go, we just need to settle on a paint colour. I'm kind of partial to a dark grey.  I think it would look nice with the white trim and door, it will work with the existing cupboard and will work with the floor, both of which we can't change.  Here is the problem, the cat litter and the cat food dishes have to stay in this room.  Why? Wet basement + kitten that loves water = gross! As you can see in the above photo the cat litter box fits nicely beside the sink, but must remain UNcovered otherwise our older cat refuses to cover his business.

There is also very little storage besides under the sink and this room needs to store cat litter, extra toilet paper, hand towels, cleaning supplies, first aid stuff, etc. Stay tuned to see what we'll do in here, and I promise I'll actually get back to posting regularly.  I hate waiting forever to see afters.

How do YOU incorporate storage into your tiny bathrooms?

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  1. Well, finally a new post..yippee, cant wait for the pic's of the do over !!!!



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